Gin and Jam

One of the best  parts about going public with Resolution 38….

(doesn’t that make it sound like some sort of secret, top security clearance sort of project?

Your Mission should you choose to accept it – find, disable the security sharks with laser beams attached to their heads, and remove all contents from the Vault of Resolution 38.)


One of the best parts about going public with Resolution 38 is that I actually have a little audience out there.

:::Tapping microphone:::

“Hi out there!”


:::someone yelling out “Freebird!”:::

And the best part of having an audience, especially when your audience is following you specifically because you are drinking more, is that THEY MIGHT PASS ALONG SOME NEW INTERESTING SUGGESTIONS!

For example, Gin and Jam, a suggestion from Enthusiastic Reader #1 (ERNO).

My only complaint about this cocktail would be that there is no way I can compete with the photos in the How-To-Make website.  Because America, let’s be clear, I am making these cocktails to put them in my mouth.  Those Gin and Jam photos are beautiful and made out of beautiful ingredients.  If posting photos on this blog has done nothing else, it has clearly emphasized how many of our food products we purchase from Costco – Behold the Kirkland!

I am not proud of this.

So if you’ll excuse my yellow lighting, and once again, the photos of my dining room table, we’ll get on with the good stuff….

Gin – 2 oz.

Frosty gin

Lemon juice – 1 oz.

lemon juice

Simple syrup – 1/2 oz.

simple syrup

Okay, so this is where I went awry on this cocktail.  I was looking at the recipe and thought, “1/2 oz. Simple syrup?  We’ll, if one is good two must be better…” And even though I know you are taught this is not true as a child, I think what we have all learned as adults is that this logic was one of the biggest frauds of our childhood.  There are LOTS of situations where two are much better than one.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Pizza for dinner.

Beer just in general.

Turns out not so much with the Simple syrup.  The jam you add to this drink sweetens it considerably, so if you feel the urge to deviate from the recipe…I urge you to refrain.

Raspberry Jam – 1 teaspoon

Raspberry Jam



Gin and Jam

Just keep stirring!


Add some ice to make it frosty!

Add ice

A modest attempt to make it look sexy!

Gin and Jam



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